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Please see below a list of changes (for functionality or bug fixes), if you see a bug, or have a feature request, please let me know.

# Type Area Description Date added Status
1 Feature Flag finding Request accurate GPS positioning 24-Dec-2017 In progress
2 Feature Flag display Include an Edward Johnston arrow as a compass bearing on the flag top. 24-Dec-2017 Approved
3 Edge case Flag finding Report an error if GPS unavailable 24-Dec-2017 In progress
4 Bug Flag finding Report an error if no bus stops are nearby 24-Dec-2017 Approved
5 Bug One bus display Route number top right is not vertically centred 24-Dec-2017 Approved
6 Feature One bus display Use circles for real tube interchange (and show lines/status) 27-Dec-2017 Submitted
7 Feature One bus display Show "change here for" other stops in the vicinity (stop area) 24-Dec-2017 Approved
8 Bug Flags display Don't show the "towards" bar if there is no towards data 28-Dec-2017 Approved
9 Bug Flags display Don't show the stop letter circle if no stop letter 28-Dec-2017 Approved
10 Technical Improvement Flags display Refactor to use W3.CSS cards and smaller images 28-Dec-2017 In Progress
11 Feature Flags display Use appropriate flag images for different bus stops 28-Dec-2017 In Progress